Creating a Power of Attorney in Fact

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The Power of Attorney in Fact (PAIF) is the document which grants the natural person power of attorney over the juristic person (VESSEL or STRAWMAN). You may already be familiar with what a Power of Attorney is if you have elderly parents whose finances, health, and other private matters are handled by you.

A Power of Attorney can be used in various situations, like if an individual was to go unconscious at or on the way to a hospital or is in some other way incapable of handling their own affairs at the time. For example, if the individual has granted Power of Attorney to, let’s say their brother, the brother would have full control over the decisions and actions one can take for the unconscious individual who granted the POA.

If no Power of Attorney is given or acknowledged before the individual loses consciousness, the “Medical Professionals” will do with that individual whatever they deem to be fit. Upon confirmation of your VESSEL name (e.g. DOE, JOHN ADAM), they can pump that VESSEL full of drugs, amputate their limbs and other body parts, and even perform an open operation (where if the individual dies on the operating table, no liability falls back to anyone who administered the operation).

This is an important document to clarify that the natural born Man/Woman has full Power and control over the VESSEL. Therefore, anything that goes through the VESSEL must actually go through the real Man/Woman.


You will need to notarize this document. Make certified copies of the notarized document for yourself to keep close by (in your car, office, work, etc.).


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  • Power of Attorney - An instrument granting someone authority to act as agent or attorney-in-fact for the grantor. An ordinary power of attorney is revocable and automatically terminates upon the death or incapacity of the principal. - Also termed letter of attorney; warrant of attorney



  • Power of Attorney in Fact - .docx






    *": John-Adam: Doe" and "JOHN ADAM DOE" are fictional entities used for example purposes.