Posting a Public Record

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Once all of the paperwork is complete. There are two papers that will need to be published on public record: the Declaration and the Copyright Notice. It is not necessary to publicize the Security Agreement or the Power of Attorney in Fact, as those are intended to be private between the parties, so no need to tell everyone what the Social Insurance Number of your C.Q.V. Trust account is. They can be publicized, but it is good practice to redact any sensitive information.

Before publishing any paperwork, it is necessary to notify the Secretary of State of your Declaration and Copyright in the Country where you wish to live. In Canada, the role of the Secretary of State has been dismantled and its duties were delegated between several ministers. In lieu of this, it is good practice to notify the acting Prime Minister, Registrar General, Attorney General, and the Governor General (notice the military titles) of the de facto Government of Canada.

Posting or publishing documents on public record is very easy in some places like the united states, however, this is not as straight forward across Canada. Down South, there are County Recorder offices, Canada has no such thing for general recording. Across Canada, we look towards "donating" our records to the provincial archives (see links to Archives across Canada below). It is pretty straight forward and an Archivist will help you along the way. Be clear and concise that the records you provide MUST be recorded in the archives. It is a matter of public record and the Archivist, being a public servant, is a Trustee to the public and MUST comply with the request.

Another form of public record is a court case. By submitting paperwork into a court case (even a mere traffic case), the documents become a matter of public record and can be filed with or retrieved from a court clerk. Although it is best to avoid those places (courts) whenever possible, it is one way of publicizing your papers on an official public record.

Another proposed way to do this, is to publish an article in a municipal newspaper, provincial newspaper (such as the Alberta Gazette), or national newspaper (such as the Canada Gazette). This is usually pricier than the other methods but is a reliable and valid form of publishing on public record. It is often possible to receive some form of authentication or certification of the posting as well.

Lastly, it is possible to create a simple website where one can publish a digital version of their paperwork. I like this method as a secondary option after donating my records to the archives. It is simple to use to purchase a website URL, which is commonly called a "domain name". Just remember that ".com" means ".commercial", so perhaps you may want a domain name that ends in ".name" or ".me". Once you have your domain name, the next step would be to create a free Wordpress website where you can easily publicize your papers as you need.


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