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I have compiled a list of eBooks that will aid your studies and are available online. These eBooks have been compiled from across the web from various sources.

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Commercial Law Books


Contract Law Books




Law Dictionaries

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  • Black's Law Dictionary




David E. Robinson -

  • Meet Your Strawman: And Whatever You Want to Know, 2013 -

  • The UCC Connection: How to Free Yourself From Legal Tyranny, 2013 -

  • Common Law Handbook: For Juror's, Sheriff's, and Bailiff's, and Justice's, 2013 -

  • Be The One: To Execute Your Trust, 2012 -

  • Commercial Law Applied: Learn to Play the Game, 2012 -

  • Asset Protection: Pure Trust Organizations, 2011 -




Pao L. Chang



Robert-Arthur: Menard.


Uniform Commercial Code


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