Declaration of Live Status and Standing

The Declaration of Live Status and Standing (also termed an "Affidavit of Non-Corporate Status", et cetera) is a fundamental part of any process to attain sovereignty.

One is not entitled to that which they do not claim. This paper is written in a way to declare and convey a claim to the God given rights and freedoms we have been granted. Just because we were granted such rights, does not mean we are protected by them. If one does not know how to claim their rights, one simply does not have them.

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In the declaration, it is important to have acknowledged and accepted all three juris of L.A.W. (Land, Air, Water), as well as the rights and benefits granted to us together with the gift of life itself.

As always read everything over. The template below is exactly that... A TEMPLATE. Of course it is there for anyone to use however they wish, but in the end, make it your own. Stand on your own words. There is no EXACT way to do this. This is what it means to have knowledge. With that knowledge, you can stand on your claims and defend your rights and freedoms. Better yet, you can begin charging for damages and remedies where your rights and freedoms are infringed on.

Nobody can hold your hand through this process... in fact, that's exactly what got us in this mess in the first place. If one wants to be a Sovereign, then they must be a Sovereign. Not a "Sovereign Citizen", that is an oxymoron. It is like saying "freezer burnt".

Be the Alpha. If you are not an Alpha, you are a Beta... it's that simple. Now get out there and let everyone know which one you are!



  • SPC Declaration of Live Status and Standing - .docx