Creating a Copyright Notice

As you will have listed in your Security Agreement, you now own the intellectual property of the Debtor. This includes the tradename (e.g. DOE, JOHN ADAM).

A copyright notice need to be written as one of your initial documents. After you have finished drafting this notice,

(1) you will enclose it in a brown paper envelope and leave it unaddressed.

(2) You will then place the brown envelope into a white paper envelope, and address this to yourself, the natural person (: First-Middle: Last), with your address written, “In care of, 1234 Main Street... [A1B 2C3]”.

(3) Once everything is enclosed and addressed, mail it to yourself using Registered Mail.

Keep your delivered Notice somewhere safe. In the event that you might need to prove to a judge (or justice), that you in fact, have the copyright, you would bring the closed envelope with you. Then when necessary, open the white envelope and hand the brown envelope to the bailiff, this transfers the document (which very clearly came out of the white envelope) from the Common law realm (which does not exist in colourable maritime courts) into the Maritime realm. 


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  • Copyright - 1. The right to copy; specifically, a property right in an original work of authorship (including literary, musical, dramatic, choreographic, pictorial, graphic, sculptural, and architectural works; and sound recordings) fixed in any tangible medium of expression, giving the holder the exclusive right to reproduce, adapt, distribute, perform, and display the work. 2. The body of law relating to such works.

NOTE - *A brown paper envelope signifies “dirt”, which essentially signifies something which is “dead”. When you mail the notice to yourself, you want it to be in the white envelope, the white envelope signifies “life”; “living”.









    *": John-Adam: Doe" and "JOHN ADAM DOE" are fictional entities used for example purposes.